for designers and react developers..

As designers your must have icons/custom images design to suit the business needs and demands flexibility it the projects. Then later as icons required increases, you will continue build new ones and ship it to the developers to use.

The process repeats thus as business requirement changes and projects. here we will learn how to liquidate the process and version control it.

Depending on the tech stack your company uses. Since this topic is for reacts, points will be beating around those similar tech stack.

Preparation for packages

To prepare your icons for package there are few steps…

psst: this is my personal docs for deploying my projects..

  1. make release branch

For easier and automatic deployment lets make a release branch first, just create a new branch in your git repository and named it release

2. Ssh into your new ubuntu 20.0 and follow below setup

with yarn

curl -sS | sudo apt-key add -
echo "deb stable main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yarn.list
sudo apt update
cd ~
curl -sL -o
sudo bash
sudo apt install -y nodejs
sudo apt install -y build-essential
sudo apt install -y yarn
sudo yarn global add pm2

Just another simpler way to pay with Laravel ..

Not so much a-z but i hope i can help you get started.

I assume you already knew Laravel. If not well verse, the least with php basic syntax is enough ..

Part 1 : Setting up the application

Like the essence of common Laravel application — i assumed you had your laravel-installer library ready at your very finger tip, if not well then just run anywhere within your cmd/terminal composer global require laravel/installer and you can continue onwards —

Lets create our e-commerce application folder by running,

laravel new ecommerce


can be easily googled

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